General principles

  1. MyGo application is an application with item transfer on which allows participants to post information using shipping services in the transport and express delivery industry ("Service"). The application helps to connect between transport service providers, couriers and people wishing to use transport and express delivery services, including the types:
    • Type of Motorbike providing service of connecting and concluding electronic contracts between passengers and drivers for passenger motorcycles;
    • Type of Delivery provides services to connect and conclude electronic contracts between Consumers and delivery drivers by motorbikes;
    • Type of Truck provides connection service between Consumer and truck driver;
  2. Members on the e-trading floor are organizations and individuals having legal commercial activities officially recognized by VTP and allowed to use the services provided by MyGo App and related parties.
  3. This Regulation issues mandatory regulations for members who register to use the services provided by MyGo Apps.
  4. Organizations and individuals participating in transactions at MyGo App freely agree on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the parties participating in the provision and using the service not contrary to the provisions of law.
  5. The provision and use of services through MyGo Application must be made openly and transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.
  6. All content in this Regulation is in compliance with the current legal system of Vietnam. Members who join and use MyGo Apps must find out their legal responsibility for current laws of Vietnam. And commit to strictly comply with the Terms of Operation and other policies and regulations of MyGo Apps.

General rules

  1. 1. Name of application providing e-commerce trading floor (e-commerce) service: MyGo Address to download application on application market:
  2. Terminology explanation:
    • MyGo Application | is an application providing e-commerce trading floor services in the field of transportation and delivery, owned and operated by Viettel Post Corporation (VTP);
    • Consumers | Are organizations and individuals wishing to use transport services and / or express delivery services using MyGo App to post notices on the need to use transport services and / or express delivery services to buy service;
    • Partners | is an organization or individual (Carrier, Driver) providing transport or express delivery services using MyGo Application to connect with Consumers;
    • Members | are organizations and individuals that register to use MyGo Apps, including Consumers and Partners;
    • Transportation services | is a transport service traded through the MyGo App;
    • Intellectual Property | any patent, copyright, or design registered or unregistered, design rights, registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks or industrial or intellectual property rights Information differs and includes applications for any of the above.

Transaction process

  1. Consumer Process:

    First of all, Consumers need to register to open an account on MyGo App according to the following process:

    • Download and install MyGo App to your phone;
    • Access MyGo Apps;
    • Register / Login;

    When in need of a car reservation or immediate delivery service, consumers take the following steps:

    • Step 1: Access MyGo App on mobile device (see Figure 1) Figure 1
    • Step 2: Select order service (see Figure 2) Figure 2
    • Step 3: Enter itinerary information (Pickup, Destination) to get fare information (see Figure 3) Figure 3
    • Step 4: Consumers enter necessary information such as notes for driver, receiver information (for shipping service - Delivery) (see Figure 4) Figure 4
    • Step 5: The consumer confirms the order or delivery service by pressing the button “order a car” (see Figure 5) Figure 5
    • Step 6: The consumer's booking or delivery service will be delivered to the nearest driver partner and the driver will move to the Pickup Point to pick up the Consumer or pick up point for delivery (see Figure 6 ) Figure 6
    • Step 7: Consumers make payment according to the selected method (in cash or card) after finishing using the service.
    • Step 8: Consumers evaluate the service and ask and complain about the Partner (if any, see Figure 7) Figure 7
  2. Process for Partners:
    • In order to be able to use the MyGo App to connect with Consumers, Partners need to first register for an account under the following procedures:

      + Download the MyGo Driver App (MyGo for Partners App) and fill in the online registration information, then the System Administrator of the Application will contact the Partner with necessary procedures to complete the document. driver.

      + Partners can also bring documents directly to the nearest VTP post office for registration without going through online registration.

    • After having an account, Partner needs to perform the following steps to transact with Consumers:
      • Step 1: Login to MyGo Driver Application with registered phone number (see Figure 8) Figure 8
      • Step 2: Turn on online mode when ready to be connected to Consumer (see Figure 9) Figure 9
      • Step 3: Upon receiving the order or shipping service from the Consumer, click “Accept” to receive the service (see Figure 10) Figure 10
      • Step 4: Provide services to Consumers at the request of Consumers displayed on the Application (see Figure 11) Figure 11
      • Step 5: Receive the Consumer payment if the Consumer chooses the cash payment method (for shipping services, the partner receives the payment after receiving the goods from the sender, in case of charges for refund, the Partner receives the Consumer payment after the item is returned successfully), then the Partner can evaluate / comment on the Consumer (see Figure 12) Figure 12
  3. Process of entering into an electronic contract:
    • - Consumers send an invitation to enter into a contract: When the consumer enters information about the itinerary, the screen displays basic information of the contract including itinerary: pick-up point (pick-up point), point arrival (delivery point), journey length; contract value; payment methods). If the consumer finds it correct and reasonable, press the button “Book a car” to send an offer to enter into a contract. The system will automatically find the most suitable driver
    • - Partner accepts the offer to enter into a contract: The consumer's invitation to enter into a contract is sent to the Partner by the system with all the basic information of the contract (itinerary: pick-up point, point arrival, journey length, contract value, payment method). Partner accepts the Consumer offer to enter into a contract by clicking “Accept”.

      Partner has a maximum time of 60 seconds to click "Accept", if not click during that time, it is deemed not to accept the contract.

    • - Successfully concluding a contract: When the Partner accepts the offer to enter into a contract, the Application will display the Consumer interface information of the Partner that has accepted the offer to enter into a contract.
    • - Terminate the contract: End the trip, the screen will show the amount that the consumer needs to pay and the distance traveled.
  4. Shipping forwarding policy:

    The application provides e-commerce services to connect between the Partner (driver, ...) and consumers, so do not use forwarding and transportation

  5. Return policy:

    Partners use to connect with consumers to provide freight and passenger transport services. Therefore, there is no return policy for this service.

  6. Warranty Policy:

    Partners use the application to connect with consumers to provide freight and passenger transport services. Therefore, there is no warranty policy for this service.

Payment process

Consumers and Partners can refer to the following payment methods and choose to apply the appropriate method:

Option 1: Partner direct cash payment (applicable to all types of MyGo)

  1. For motorbike type
    • Step 1: Consumers find out information about the service
    • Step 2: Consumers choose a cash payment method when entering information about the ride before pressing the button “Book a car”
    • Step 3: Partner confirms the provision of services and provision of services to consumers
    • Step 4: The consumer pays after the trip ends.
  2. For prepaid Delivery
    • Step 1: Consumers find out information about the service
    • Step 2: Consumers choose a cash payment method when entering information about the ride before pressing the button “Book a car”
    • Step 3: Partner confirms the service and moves to the pickup point to meet the Consumer
    • Step 4: Consumers pay for the freight to the Partner in advance and deliver the goods to the Partner for delivery.

In case of refund (unsuccessful delivery), when receiving the goods, the consumer must pay 80% of the original freight to the Partner

Option 2: Online payment via international payment card

    • Step 1: Consumers find out information about the service
    • Step 2: Consumers enter international payment card information and choose a payment method by international debit card when entering information about the trip before pressing the button “Book a car”
    • Step 3: Partner confirms the provision of services and provision of services to consumers
    • Step 4: The payment will be made after the service ends

Dispute resolution process, complaints

VTP and its Partner are responsible for receiving complaints and assisting Consumers with transport services and / or delivery services connected via MyGo App. Consumers' complaints related to the provision and use of MyGo Apps are independently resolved by VTP on the basis of laws, Terms and Conditions of Service, Operational Regulations Act and other regulations announced to Members.

When a dispute arises, VTP promotes a solution of negotiation and mediation between the parties in order to maintain the member's trust in the service quality of MyGo App and Consumers can make complaints according to one or more at the same time both ways:

Secure transactions

The MyGo Application Administration has taken necessary measures to protect information on MyGo Apps (including Partner information, Consumer information and transactions made through MyGo Apps) and minimize the risks that may arise to ensure smooth and successful transactions.

When registering to use MyGo App to connect with Consumers, the Partner must provide VTP with all necessary information, including name, address, phone number, email address, together with documents certifying legal / personal status and certification of eligibility for the respective transport service. Partner is fully responsible for the information provided to VTP and all its business activities.

All transactions of the Consumer and Partner will be included in the management content by VTP, regularly updated with status and will have a preliminary assessment of the Partner's reputation.

Members should not provide details about themselves, as well as details of the payment with any third party via email, phone or other form of communication. VTP, its affiliates, is not responsible for damages or risks that members may incur in exchanging member's information through communication channels other than MyGo App.

Members using MyGo Application absolutely do not use any programs, tools or any other form to interfere with the system or alter data structure. Any form of distribution, propagation or promotion of any activity aimed at interfering with, destroying or otherwise compromising the system of MyGo Apps is strictly prohibited. All violations will be handled in accordance with this Regulation and the provisions of law.

All transaction information is kept confidential, except when provided to competent law authorities when required.

Protecting Personal Information Consumers

  1. Scope of information collection

    - In the process of registering for an account on the application, the Consumer needs to provide the Consumer's information, including: Consumer Name, phone number, email. VTP will collect these information to provide accounts for Consumers to use the Service.

    - In the process of using the Application, with the consent of the Consumers, VTP will collect and process technical information and data including:

    • Information on the location, pickup and delivery location of goods / services is required.
    • Technical data such as: IP address, internet device identity (ID), manufacturer related information, model and operating system of the device that Consumers use to access the Application.
    • In case of using the Delivery service, VTP will request the recipient's information such as full name, phone number, delivery address ... to complete the consumer's request.
    • Information relating to electronic money transactions performed by consumers, including but not limited to the name of the bank, the name of the account holder, the account number and the amount of money transacted through the system electronic money.
  2. Purpose and scope of information use
    • Purpose of using personal information

      VTP uses information collected from the Partner or provided by the Partner for some or all of the following purposes:

      + Facilitate the use of the Service by Consumers

      + Handling of vehicles that consumers have placed on the Application

      + Update for Consumers about the partner's pick-up, delivery and delivery time

      + Compare information and verify with third parties to make sure it is correct

      + In addition, VTP will use the information provided by the Partner to manage the Affiliate's account (if any) created with us to verify and perform financial transactions related to payments. Online Partner; check data download from VTP; improve the layout and / or content of the Application and customize it for the user; identify consumers accessing on the Application; conducting research on user demographics and behavior; provide consumers with information that VTP thinks may be useful or requested by the Consumer, including information about a Partner service, provided there is a basis that the consumer is not object to VTP's communication with these purposes

      To send to Consumers marketing and / or promotional materials about Partner services or to send newsletters from VTP and its affiliates

      In exceptional circumstances, VTP may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there are grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or because law enforcement or to respond to other legal and regulatory requirements

    • Scope of using information

      The MyGo application uses the information Consumers provide to.

      + Provide services to Consumers

      + Send notices on information exchange between Consumers and VTP

      + Prevent activities of destroying, appropriating consumer accounts of Consumers or other activities that impersonate Consumers

      + Communicate and resolve complaints with Consumers.

      + Confirming and exchanging information about Consumer transactions at the Application.

      + Supply in case of request from a competent state management agency.

    • Information storage time

      In all cases, the consumer's personal information will be safely and securely stored by VTP on VTP's server. VTP will only retain information until required by law or suitable for the purpose of information collection. In addition, VTP will also store information until Consumers request to cancel or Consumers log in and cancel by themselves.

    • Persons or Organizations who may have access to Consumer Personal Information

      Consumers agree that, where necessary, the following agencies / organizations / individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information, including:

      + MyGo Application Management Board.

      + Third parties have services integrated with the Application.

      + Event company and sponsor.

      + A competent state agency upon request according to the operation regulations.

      + Market research company.

      + Financial advisor, legal and auditing company.

      + The complainant proves the consumer violation.

      + At the request of a competent state agency.

      - Address of the unit that collects and manages information

      Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation

      Address: No. 01 Giang Van Minh, Kim Ma Ward, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

      E-mail: support@viettelpost.com.vn

      Hotline: 19008095

    • Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the e-commerce system of the information collection unit

      - Consumers have the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging in to the MyGo App and editing personal information or asking the Administration to do this.

      - Consumers have the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of their personal information to the 3rd party to the Board of Directors. Upon receiving these responses, VTP will reconfirm the information, must be responsible for answering the reason and guide consumers to restore and secure the information.

      Forms of receiving consumer complaint information:

      • Via email: support@viettelpost.com.vn
      • By phone: 19008095
    • Commitment to protecting personal information of customers

      - User's personal information on the Application is committed to absolute confidentiality by the MyGo Application Administration in accordance with VTP's personal information protection policy. Collection and use of the user's information can only be performed with the consent of the user, unless otherwise provided by law.

      - Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the consumer's personal information without the consent of the Consumers unless otherwise provided by law. and this rule.

      - In case the information storage server is attacked by hacker resulting in the loss of member's personal data, VTP will be responsible for notifying the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. Consumers are known.

Manage / Control information on the application

  1. For Partners

    - Partner will be solely responsible for the security and keep all activities using the service under his registered name and password. The partner is responsible for promptly informing VTP of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and keeping the third party's registered name and password to take appropriate measures.

    - Partner does not use MyGo App for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, intimidating, illegal information exploration, sabotage, create and spread virus causing damage to the system configure, transmit information of the Application or use the Application for the purpose of speculating, manipulating the market to create fake orders or offers, even for judgment of market demand. In case of violation, the Partner must be responsible for its actions before the law.

    - Partner may not alter, modify, assign, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create tools similar to the connection service provided by the Application to a third party without the consent of Agree by VTP.

    - Partners must not act to discredit VTP in any form such as causing disunity between the Partners by using the second registered name, through a third party or propagating and disseminating information. News is not conducive to the reputation of VTP and Application.

    - Meet the conditions to become a Partner, including:

    • Ability to use a vehicle with an appropriate motor vehicle; have an appropriate and valid Driver's License, Transport Business License; other valid licenses, approvals, certificates; satisfy all the conditions required by law to provide services for the transportation of goods, food and passengers by motor vehicle (in accordance with applicable laws and regulations)
    • Owning a motor vehicle that meets regulatory requirements with safety and comfort on the road
    • Have a good personal record and have no criminal records
    • Must comply with all the code of conduct issued by VTP, current traffic laws and regulations of the State.
    • Must be kept clean, properly dressed, wear shoes, coats, helmets or other uniforms lent or sold by VTP
    • Do not use alcoholic beverages, be intoxicated, use drugs, or be in a state where the Partner is not fully conscious in the course of service
    • Do not engage in unscrupulous behavior, attack, offend, deceive or intimidate third parties such as Customers, other partners or other third parties
  2. Manage goods permitted to receive and transport

    Partner commits to only receive and transport legal goods, fully satisfy the transport conditions in accordance with the current law (Invoices, documents of origin, ...). Note that some goods are not allowed to receive and transport as follows:

    • Transporting weapons, drugs and other prohibited goods in accordance with the law
    • Transporting goods for a long time, without accompanying documents, ...
    • Freight has conditional but not eligible shipping
    • Transporting bulky goods, exceeding the permissible diameter in accordance with traffic laws
    • Other cases as provided for by law
  3. 3. Manage Introduction information, advertising services on the Application

    Prohibited acts in introducing and advertising services on the Application

    • Advertising lacks aesthetics, contrary to historical traditions, culture, ethics, fine customs and customs of Vietnam.
    • Advertisements offend the reputation, honor and dignity of organizations and individuals
    • Advertisements using an individual's images, words and words without his / her consent, unless otherwise permitted by law
    • Improper or misleading advertisements about the business or service provision's ability of the organizations or individuals to provide services; on the quantity, quality, price, utility and service method of the registered or announced service
    • Advertising by using the method of direct comparison of the price, quality and efficiency of their service with the price, quality and efficiency of using services of the same type of other organizations or individuals
    • Advertising with unfair competition content in accordance with the competition law
    • Advertising violates the law on intellectual property
    • Other acts in violation of the law on advertising
    • Other contracts as provided for by law
  4. Mechanism of checking and controlling information about the Application Management Board:

    - Partner sends information about the legal entity that wants to register to provide transport and transport services on the Application. After the account is authenticated, the new Partner can receive the vehicles upon the request and request of the Consumer.

    - The Application Management Board will remove the Partner services at its sole discretion if the service violates the laws, operating regulations, policies and regulations of VTP and applies penalties and claims. often stated in VTP policies, regulations and legal regulations.

    - Products that do not comply with the specified category will be deleted or the Application Administration will switch to another category as reasonable.

    - The Application Administrator reserves the right to decide on whether to keep or remove the services provided through the App without prior notice

    - In case a member (Consumer, Partner) violates the conditions, regulations, procedures, regulations, rules, terms of use of MyGo app issued by VTP or by law. According to the regulations, in addition to the above sanctions, VTP has the right to impose a fine determined by VTP.

Responsibility in case of technical errors

- VTP commits its efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in case of an incident due to the fault of VTP, VTP will immediately apply the necessary measures to ensure the benefits of members

- When making transactions via the MyGo App, members must follow the guided procedures

- VTP is committed to providing the best quality of service to members participating in the transaction. In case of technical errors, software errors or other objective errors that make members unable to participate in the transaction, members need to notify VTP.

- VTP will not be responsible for settlement in case the member's message cannot reach VTP, arising from technical error, transmission error, software error or other error not caused by VTP.

Rights and obligations of the MyGo Application Administration

  1. Permission:

    - Request traders, organizations and individuals who are the Service Providers on the Application to provide information in accordance with the law when registering to use the Application

    - Request the Partner providing the Conditional Passenger and Freight Service to provide a Certificate of Business Eligibility for that service (where it is required by law to have it eligible business).

    - Proceed to provide services to the Partner after completing the conditions and procedures stated by the Application

    - Have the right to check information of organizations and individuals posting on the Application, especially information about the price and quality of the service

    - Refuse, suspend or terminate the Partner's right to use the service in case there is a proof that the Partner provides information to the Application Administration inaccurate, incomplete, in violation of the law, Vietnamese ethics and fine customs

    - Terminate the Partner right and the right to use one or all of the Partner services in the event that the Partner violates the Application's Regulations or otherwise interferes with business on the Application;

    - Consider terminating the Partner right to use the App and the Partner right if the Partner does not engage in trading and exchanging information on the Application continuously for three (03) months. In order to continue to be a Partner and to be re-licensed to use the Application, you must re-register from the beginning in accordance with the Application's form and procedures;

    - The right to use the Application and the Partner rights of the Partner can be immediately terminated if the Application Administration detects that the Partner has been bankrupt, has been convicted or is currently serving a sentence, in case the Partner continues activities that may cause the Application Board of Liability, fraud, fake activities, market disturbances, disunity towards other VTP partners, illegal activities current laws of Vietnam. In the case of termination of the Partner rights and the right to use the service, all the Certifications and rights of the Partner granted will be automatically invalidated and terminated;

    - VTP retains the copyright of the Application and the content on the Application in accordance with the laws on intellectual property protection in Vietnam. "MyGo App" and all icons, logos, and content in different languages are owned by VTP. All acts of copying, using and illegally disseminating the above rights are strictly forbidden;

    - Retains the right to change tables, service rates, and payment methods during the time of making the App available to a Partner according to the needs and conditions of the Application;

    - Eliminate information on the provision of services on the list of prohibited or restricted services in accordance with law.

  2. Duty:

    - Register Application settings in accordance with the law and publish registered information.

    - Develop and publicly announce on the Application the operating regulations of the Application;

    - Verify and verify the information of the Partner registering to participate in the service provision on the Application;

    - Apply necessary measures to ensure the security of information related to the Partner business secrets. Not to disclose, transfer, lease or sell information related to business secrets or personal information of consumers without the consent of related parties, unless otherwise provided by law. other designation;

    - There is a mechanism to inspect, monitor and reflect the business violations of the law and the mechanism for dispute resolution arising during transactions on the e-commerce floor.

Rights and obligations of members participating in MyGo application

  1. Rights and obligations of Partner (Carrier, Driver ...) on the app

    - Permission

    • After signing the contract, the Partner will be created an account to disclose information, post supply information and manage service information.
    • Partners are supported to train the skills necessary to manage accounts and orders on services provided through the Application. Partners can contact the customer service department via email or the hotline number for support.
    • Partners are allowed to carry out promotions, enjoy preferential policies set by the Application administration during the operation according to the signed agreement / contract.

    - Duty:

    • Partner must provide complete and accurate legal information when submitting the above registration to the Application.
    • The partner must provide information about the service, the service vehicle, the driver's license to the Application Administration, provide quality assurance services, in accordance with the business registration and in accordance with the law.
    • It is the partner's responsibility to accurately list the quality, quantity, price and other policies of the services provided.
    • Partner must maintain the cleanliness, dress properly, wear shoes, uniform vests and helmets as well as carefully take care of the jacket and helmet provided;
    • Do not use alcoholic beverages, use drugs or be in a state where the Partner is not fully conscious to provide the Services;
    • Not to engage in unscrupulous behavior, attack, offend, deceive or threaten Consumers, other partners or other third parties;
    • Partner may not request additional funds in any way, including, but not limited to, a bonus from a Consumer other than the price or service fees provided by the Partner, charged through the Application;
    • Partner must coordinate with Application Administration to resolve disputes between Consumers and Partner about product and service quality. Partner is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the Consumer when the fault is identified as belonging to the Partner.
    • Partner commits, agrees not to use the application's service for purposes that are illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information leakage, sabotage, create and spread viruses cause damage to the system, configure, transmit information of the Application or use its services for the purpose of speculating or manipulating the market. In case of violation, the Partner must be responsible for its actions before the law.
    • Partner undertakes not to alter, modify, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by the Application to a third party without the consent of Application Administration.
    • Partner may not act to discredit the App in any way such as causing disunity between Partners by using a second registered name, through a third party or propagating or disseminating information. News is not conducive to the application's reputation or trademark.
    • Comply with regulations of law on payment, advertising, promotion, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of consumers' interests and other relevant law provisions when providing services on the Application use.
  2. Rights and obligations of Consumers (Customers, passengers, service users ...) on the application:

    - Permission

    • Upon registration as a Consumer of MyGo Apps and agreed upon by the Application Administration, the Consumer will be able to use the Partner transportation and transportation services connected by VTP's Apps.
    • Consumers will be given a unique username and password to be used in the management of the vehicles and transport services they have used.
    • Consumers will be guided to use tools and features for the use of utility services on the Application.
    • The Partner Consumer has the right to provide comments on the Application during its operation. Petitions are sent directly by mail, fax or email to the Application.

    - Duty

    • Consumers will be solely responsible for the security and storage and use of the service under their registered name, password and email box.
    • It is the responsibility of the consumer to promptly notify the Application Administration of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and retention of his / her registered name and password for mutual cooperation. physical.
    • Consumers undertake that the information provided to the Application is correct.
    • Consumers are responsible for providing information about transactions and products that support the Application in resolving disputes arising between the Partner and the Consumer that occurs connected by the Application.
    • The consumer commits, agrees not to use the application's service for purposes that are illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creation and distribution virus damages the system, configures, transmits information of the Application or uses its services for the purpose of speculating, manipulating the market to create orders, including for judgment purposes. market demand.
    • In case of violation, Consumers are responsible for their acts before the law.
    • Consumers undertake not to alter, modify, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the Services provided by the Application to a third party without the consent of the Application Administration in these Rules.
    • Consumers may not act to discredit or brand the App in any way such as causing disunity among Consumers by using a second registered name, through a third party or by promoting disseminating information not conducive to the application's reputation or trademark

Terms apply

The Regulation on operation of mobile applications providing MyGo e-commerce trading floor services will officially take effect after 5 days from the date of announcement and notification to members.

The MyGo Application Administration reserves the right to amend, supplement to complete these Terms of Operation and will notify all subjects using MyGo Apps at least 5 days before applying changes there. The member's continued use of the services provided by the Application after the revised Regulations are published and become effective means that the member has accepted the revised Regulations.

Commitment Terms

Any member using MyGo App to provide and use transportation and delivery services means that member has read, understood and agreed to abide by these Regulations

For any questions of members, please contact the official contacts of MyGo App at the information below to answer.

Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation

Address: N1 Building, Thang Long Avenue, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Phone: 19008095

Email: support@viettelpost.com.vn